Top 13 Moments in Pop Culture, Celebrity News & More this Year

Man oh man honeys has it been a year for the good old pop culture machine! Pop culture, television (both great TV and absolute trash), social media scandals and everything Spears/Kardashian is basically what makes my world go ’round and I’m not afraid to admit it. 2017 blessed us with a plethora of fyre (lol) headlines and yo’ girl is stoked. 

Here’s my countdown of the top moments in pop culture, celebrity news, music, television and scandals this year. 

13. What the Health Documentary

Aiming to be the next Blackfish, apparently, What the Health decided it would be cute to make a documentary about one egg being as terrible for you as smoking five cigarettes and other fake vegan mumbo jumbo. My personal favorite was when Kip (documentary director and vegan AF) called the American Cancer Association and a bunch of other organizations he thought were bogus. Here’s an example of one of the very real conversations he had: 

Kip: Hi there AMERICAN CANCER ASSOCIATION, I’m just wondering why you CLAIM to be anti-cancer, yet you have INSTRUCTIONS on how to get cancer on your WEBSITE. 
ACA Call Center Employee: Um, sorry sir I’m not sure what you’re referring to. 
Kip: HA! Yeah right! You have a CHICKEN recipe on your website. CHICKEN IS CANCER. 
ACA Call Center Employee: I’m sorry sir, I don’t quite understand. I’m going to have to transfer you. 
Kip to vegan friends: HEAR THAT?! They can’t even answer my questions about their cancerous website! 

While the doc convinced a few people to go vegan for a couple days, the most it did for me was give me a good laugh. Vegans be cray.

12. 13 Reasons Why

Warning, spoilers ahead. 

I absolutely had to include 13 Reasons Why in my top moments for one scene and one scene only. The bath tub scene. Holy shit. If you’ve seen the show you know what I’m talking about. That scene f*cked me up for DAYS. 

I’m not sure if a scene in a teen series has really gotten under my skin like that one, but for that reason, it’s in my top moments. It. was. just. insane. 

Also, producer Selena Gomez is bae. 

11. Floribama Shore 

Floribama Shore is still airing episodes and I assume that will continue into next year, so they’re a little late to the 2017 party. That said, one line in this entire garbage show made me obsessed. 

Kortni (this show’s Snooki) exits a taxi after a night out and says, “I’M A TRASHED ASS BITCH!!!” 

That’s it. That’s the entire reason why I loved it. If you watched my Instagram story back when this aired, you heard me cackling like a witch. It’s amazing. I also can’t find a clip of this for the life of me so someone HELP PLEASE.

Anyway, top TV moment of 2017 for sure (guess you had to be there). 

10. The Sunny Co. red swimsuit social media shit storm

Remember when this tiny clothing company decided to give a swimsuit to EVERYONE who reposted their photo and tagged some shit on Instagram? Of course you do. It was everywhere. 

The only thing better than the insanity that was this promotion were the tweets, articles and apologies that followed. Turns out, the founders are also San Diego natives. Go figure. 

In the end, the dudes attempted to fulfill the first 50,000 orders received and apologized to the rest. I don’t know how the story really ended or if anyone got their suit, but I do know that social media shit storms like this one really bring the people together. And for that, we thank you.

9. Taylor Swift convinced me to hate her less 

This one is VERY difficult to write. Tay Tay and I have a history. I listened to her Fearless album on repeat with my high school boyfriend and loved the sappy love songs. Then he cheated on me with his pregnant ex-girlfriend and I listened to all of the man-hating songs on the very same album. It was amazing. But then something happened. Taylor got… shitty. She started playing the victim and doing all those things you’ve heard about from her haters and I buried Fearless in my backyard next to my goldfish (I always buried my goldfish – no flushing), never to be heard again. 

That is until Look What You Made Me Do

I listened to the song for the first time by myself with an open mind and without judgment. I appreciated her whole social media cleanse (deleting all her pics and embracing the whole snake thing), and honestly, I appreciated the song. I LIKED the song. Then …Ready for it? came out on my effing birthday and it was the birthday gift I never knew I needed. 

Then she did some more annoying things like not streaming her album right away and I got annoyed again, but whatever. Good for you Taylor. Try to continue being not as annoying. 

8. Britney Spears working on her fitness (and everything else)

Britney Spears

2017 was the year of Britney OWNING her health and becoming a world renowned painter, gymnast, model and #RELATIONSHIPGOALS. She proved to the world that 10 years post-breakdown does a body good and she is here to SERVE. 

Brit is body goals, mom goals, home decor goals and one of my top pop culture moments/people every single year. 

That’s it. I love this woman. 

7. Demi Lovato living her best life 

Demi Lovato

I’ve never been a real Demi fan, but holy baby Jesus, Demi murdered 2017. She released a dope album, got a hot little body, did a tell-all documentary and basically owned everyone and everything. 

Demi’s a top moment because she killed everything and everyone and is only going to keep murdering everything in 2018. If you’re not in love yet, watch her documentary and thank me later. 


6. Handmaid’s Tale 

Handmaid’s Tale is a top moment because I want to be able to point back to this blog post one day and say “I told you so.” 

Kidding, but not really. 

This show is one of my favorite shows OF ALL TIME. I won’t get into some deep breakdown of the show’s themes and characters, but I will say if you’ve haven’t watched the show yet, WATCH IT. 

5. The #KUWTK season 10 premiere video 

I don’t think I’ve screamed out loud from a reality TV show promo video before, but there’s a first for everything. 

This video started with Kris on a helicopter and ended with Kim being Kim (duh) with individual features for every Kardashian/Jenner (minus a few not as exciting members – power players only). 

I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched it – all I know is Kris Jenner is my hero and I’ve included a bonus pic of me dressed up as her for Halloween. You’re welcome. 

Kris Jenner Costume

4. Khloe Kardashian announcing her pregnancy

This literally happened a week ago and I AM SO EXCITED. I don’t even know why. I love the Kardashians but honestly, I think half the excitement is the way that family knows how to create buzz and increase anticipation. It’s genius. 

Now if this other one would only give me some freaking baby news, my year would be complete. 

3. Game of Thrones season 7 (and all the other seasons) 

I have to be honest here. I did not watch GOT before this year. I know I should be ashamed, but I never had HBO so I just didn’t care, ya know? It’s hard being poor.

Anyway, I binged every episode this year (took about a month) and I became OBSESSED. I can’t explain the joy I had during that time, but it was a feeling I miss daily. 

If you haven’t watched, go on a Bumble date, steal the guy’s HBO Go password and watch immediately. 

2. Britney Spears singing live 

If you’re not a Britney fan, you’re probably thinking something like “OMG why is this a big deal? If you’re a singer, you should ALWAYS sing live.”

My response to you is first of all she’s a PERFORMER and second of all GET OFF MY BLOG NOW.

That said, Britney continued to amaze us this year and sang live all over the damn place. She’s killing it on stage, singing on her birthday, singing in the shower and showing the haters once again that she is the queen of the universe. 

Don’t at me. 


1. Drumroll please… FYRE FEST

If you didn’t think Fyre Fest was the best scandal/moment of the year, I’m worried. 

Fyre Fest brewed the perfect storm when celebrities, private islands, cancelled performances, social media, terrible planning, cheese sandwiches, Ja Rule, illegal activity and swimming pigs combined to form the BIGGEST SHIT SHOW OF 2017. 

I hate to laugh at misfortune, but there were no deaths or serious injuries (aside from Billy McFarland’s career/reputation/freedom), so this one gets a free pass. 

Fyre Festival brought the people together. From insane tweets to FYRE memes, this disaster was the gift that keeps on giving. 

Thank you Fyre Fest, thank you. Dumpster fyre for life. 

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