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  • Open Letter to Donald Trump
    Gossip Life

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump

    Dear Donald,  I have to start off by saying that you were not my candidate, I did not vote for you and I do not think highly of you. Your fear-fueled, misguided campaign did not…

  • ashley tisdale hair

    Best Celebrity Party Buns

    If you don’t know what a party bun is, you’re majorly missing out. Party buns are a way of life. While Britney Spears basically invented/rules the hairstyle, tons of other celebs have picked up…

  • Jeremy Meeks

    Leave Jeremy Meeks Alone

    For the past week or so, everyone has been FREAKING OUT about Jeremy Meeks, the “hot convict.” I admit I was one of the ladies/gay men out in the universe who felt feelings in…

  • Miley Cyrus Met Gala

    Why Everyone Should Love Miley Cyrus

    Before I kick things off, I need to clarify a few things: I LOVE MILEY CYRUS. I am obsessed with her. I think she’s the coolest person ever. I want to hangout with her…