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  • Life

    Twenty Five

    I’ve officially been 26 for a little over 48 hours and as the hangover fades, I find myself feeling a little reflective on the past year. There was some good, some bad, some ugly…

  • Life

    My Experience with Shaving my Face

    If you’re a woman and you browse the Internet from time to time, you’ve probably noticed a hot beauty trend sweeping the nation. Ladies are shaving their faces. Now, I guess this has been…

  • Open Letter to Donald Trump
    Gossip Life

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump

    Dear Donald,  I have to start off by saying that you were not my candidate, I did not vote for you and I do not think highly of you. Your fear-fueled, misguided campaign did not…

  • CoolSculpting La Jolla Skin

    Get the Skinny on CoolSculpting

    As a Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County-obsessed Kylie Jenner fan and Kris Jenner advocate, plastic surgery is something I am totally and completely on board with. While I haven’t gotten any work done myself (yet, hunty), I have…

  • Dear Grad on

    Dear Grad: Snagging Your First Job

    Congrats, grad! You’ve finally finished college. You’ve made it through pointless classes, hard classes, awful roommates, amazing roommates, gaining wait, losing gaining more weight, group projects, essays, finals, hangovers, blackouts and breakups. I know you’re ready…