Leave Jeremy Meeks Alone

Jeremy Meeks

For the past week or so, everyone has been FREAKING OUT about Jeremy Meeks, the “hot convict.” I admit I was one of the ladies/gay men out in the universe who felt feelings in my naughty spot while looking at Mr. Meeks’ mugshot. How could you not? He’s the perfect combo of caramel skin/light eyes/perfect bone structure/great lips/a symmetrical face/bad boy edge… yeah just look at this photo and tell me he’s NOT hot.

Jeremy Meeks Dolce and Gabbana

HOWEVER, that’s all it is. A bunch of chicks and dudes think this guy is gorgeous. Boom. Done. End of story. So, why are both the news and people in general so heavily analyzing and FREAKING OUT about this whole situation?

An article on Elite Daily talks about the Jeremy Meeks Complex, saying, “Physical appearance dominates our perception of a person, and in this case, supersedes the crime with which he is being charged.” And later, “How we are perceived based on first impressions is not so much in our control. If we are rich, we can look the part and if we were born physically beautiful, we can use that to our advantage.”

Taking these things into account, my point, ladies and gay gentleman, is this: Have wet dreams about the guy, think about him while you do bad things, dream about marrying him. Don’t let the news let you think you are stupid because you think this man is attractive. But please, don’t wait for him outside prison (or jail? I haven’t watched enough Orange is the New Black to know the difference apparently) if he ever gets out. Homeboy has a teardrop on his face & “crip” on his forearm. He isn’t an angel and his good lucks (mmmmm) should not make up for the seriousness of his crimes. He still gots to do his time.

But news outlets… holy shit. It’s really not a big deal that women think this guy is hot. Seriously. But, just for good measure, here’s a few photos of Mr. Meeks that might make you realize he isn’t an actual model. I mean, let’s face it, most things are too good to be true.

Jeremy Meeks Old Photo

Okay I honestly tried to find more bad pics but he even looks good with gold teeth… sorry guys. #leavejeremyalone

Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post.

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