London Part 1: Pubs, Pints and Everything Touristy

London Blonde and Butter

After a little over a week of recovering from my hangover jet lag and a cold, I’m ready to reflect on my absolutely epic trip to London town. I did a pretty dope internship across the pond back in 2012, so this mini trip felt like a long time coming. Thank the lawd Tina accompanied me and put up with my diva travel habits for an entire week. 

I’m splitting this monster of a post into two parts because I took about one million photos and they all deserve their special moment. 

Day 1: Views + One Million Pints

After driving to LAX (yuck) and flying 11 hours to Heathrow, Tina and I somehow managed to find our East End Airbnb (cultured, right?), get ourselves ready and head over to Duck and Waffle, a trendy restaurant that’s 40 floors up. 

After a couple cocktails and some cheese, the travel adrenaline was flowing through our veins and we somehow managed to chug pints at a few pubs, most notably at The Bull and Dirty Dick’s in Bishopsgate. Karaoke was tossed around also, but didn’t end up happening.

Hey, I never said I was classy. 

Duck and Waffle Drinks

Duck and Waffle Cheese Plate

Day 2: Double Decker Tourist Time + Notting Hill

After eating some of Tesco’s finest toast in the Airbnb on day two, we left at a decent hour in the morning to grab coffees and hop aboard the tourist wagon, a.k.a. the big red double decker bus. 

I used the bus tour to take an obscene amount of photos and turn my Instagram game all the way up. I’ve literally been posting all of the photos I took from the tour for the past two weeks and probably won’t stop anytime soon, if ever. 

These photos speak for themselves. Even if I’m the most annoying photographer in the world, you have to admit London is absolutely gorgeous. 

London UK

Big Ben

London Photos

Big Ben London

London England

Oxford Circus

London Town

After stopping for lunch (meat pies and fish & chips, duh), we finished up the double decker tour, headed back to the Airbnb and got ready for another pub (shocker) and dinner! 

The Churchill Arms is the cutest pub in the entire world, both inside and out. You’ve probably seen it on Pinterest. It’s amazing. 

Churchill Arms

After a cheeky pint at this gem, we went to Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill for dinner. Guys. This restaurant was seriously so freaking cool. We’re talking old church/pirate vibes, fireplaces, multiple levels, stained glass, statues. Absolutely insane. Highly recommend.

Beach Blanket Babylon

Day 3: The Longest Bus Trip in the World

To up the tourist vibes, we decided it would be an amazing idea to take a bus tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath and the medieval town of LaCOCK. 

We were greeted by tour guide Steve, who quickly scolded us for running off to Windsor Castle too quickly. Steve was renamed “Stove” following that incident. 

Windsor Castle

We were in high spirits at our first stop, mostly because of caffeine, and once again took about 400 photos while exploring the grounds.

Blonde and Butter photos

Windsor Castle Photos

Windsor Castle Tourist

Changing of Guard

We were lucky enough to see the extremely fascinating changing of the guard at Windsor Castle, then grabbed more coffee and hopped back on the bus for the second stop. 

That brings us to this big ass pile of rocks we saw. Stove recited millions of facts about rocks, stones and “mounds of earth”. While that was exciting, what was more exciting was probably the gypsy village we saw on the way to the rocks. Chic.



After a carvery lunch (just a lot of meat, basically) at a local pub, we headed to Bath for about 10 minutes. We got there too late to check out the Roman baths (shout out to Jessica on the tour who got lost and made us late), so Tina and I drank some wine and Romed around (lol, get it?). 

We finally drove through LaCOCK on our way back from Bath and saw some areas that were used in the Harry Potter movies. So nerdy. So fun.

Bath England

After finally returning from the day trip, Stove went a little insane with his facts, I almost peed my pants and Tina and I needed more wine. We finally got back to the Airbnb late, chugged some red wine and watched our new obsession Ex on the Beach on the telly. 

It was the last relaxing we would have for many days. Stay tuned for part 2 and see how we turned all the way up (like… all the way). 


Read part 2 here.

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