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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald, 

I have to start off by saying that you were not my candidate, I did not vote for you and I do not think highly of you. Your fear-fueled, misguided campaign did not inspire me to “make America great again”. The comments you’ve made in the past year (and throughout your entire life) are unbelievable and out of line. I don’t believe you are fit to be the President of the United States. I don’t believe you know what the fuck you’re doing. I believe you are a Giant Douche. But that’s not what this is about.

I’m not here to discuss the past. I’m not here to talk about how terrible I think your campaign was or how horrible I think you are or how dangerous your future plans are. What’s done is done. You set out to capture a certain group of voters, and you successfully gained the support of tens of millions of Americans. I’m disappointed in the result, I’m sad, and I don’t agree with you or your supporters, however, I am friends with some of those supporters, and that is what inspired me to write this. 

The fact is, you are our President-elect. That is a fact. Unless you are impeached down the line or some miracle happens before you’re sworn in or you die (tempted to make a joke here but I will refrain because I am being serious), we are stuck with you. This is what life is now. 

So, I’m moving on. It’s two days after the election and I’m picking myself up by my fucking bootstraps and moving on. I’m seeking advice from my parents, bosses and mentors who are telling me “everything will be ok”. Honestly, I’m too fragile to dwell on things too long (insert joke about millennials here), so that’s the only choice I feel like I have right now. 

Myself and millions of other Americans are trying to heal. We’re pretty heartbroken, dude, and if the tables were turned and Hill won, your supporters would be heartbroken too. That’s how polarizing this election was. No matter who won this election, shit was going to get weird. Supporters on either side were going to protest. If you thought the drama would end on November 9th, that’s cute, but that’s not real. 

Which brings me to this. 


These protesters are not “professionals”, and they are not “incited by the media”. They, themselves, on their own accord, are protesting because they do not think you are fit to be President. If Hillary won the the election, I guarantee you would see the exact same reaction from your supporters. This is not “unfair”, this is REALITY, and now that you are our President-elect, it’s time for you to stop letting your emotions get the best of you on Twitter, and start trying to unify our broken country. Also, spoiler alert, LIFE ISN’T FAIR. Pretty sure Hillary supporters know this better than anyone right now. 

I also know that not all of your supporters are racist, sexist assholes. Again, I am friends with some, and I’m pretty sure this “normal” group of supporters wants you to be the President they think you are. They clearly think you are a smart businessman who has potential in the White House. I’m pretty sure this group did not elect you because of how much shit you talked on social media. If you won’t clean up your act for us liberals, clean it up for these people who aren’t white supremacists and still have faith in you. 

You captured one half of the country. They have put all their eggs in your basket. Now, you NEED to do work on the other half. Will you ever win everyone over? Absolutely not. Will you ever win even some people over? Who fucking knows. But it’s now your job to try, and the first step is to stop being a blatant asshole on social media. 

There’s a lot more I could say, but for now, I’ll stop here. Tone it down. Try to learn something from the people around you. Stop talking shit on anyone who disagrees with you. This is bigger than you now. Stop, take a breath, listen, then respond (and have your marketing team change your Twitter password again). 

As for me, I’m still healing and staying positive. I’m not going to give into fear when I don’t even know what the future brings. I’m going to try and do all I can to keep the peace and become a yogi and love all the people around me. That being said, if shit starts going south or if this awful Twitter/hate pattern continues from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (reminder: this is not high school and you are not Azealia Banks), I will take measures to create happiness for myself. If that means leaving the country to go to Costa Rica and open my own banana stand, I will. 

Kelsey Prince

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  • lisson@gmail.com'
    Reply Kathleen Lisson February 9, 2017 at 8:17 am

    What does professional mean? Did he mean they were paid to be there, or did he mean they mean business and make sense in stating their case, you know, like a professional?

    Or perhaps we are a group of people that enjoys speaking our mind, so you hear from us on a variety of issues? hmmm… how is that negative again?

    Thanks for the great post.

    • kelseyprince09@yahoo.com'
      Reply Kelsey Prince May 3, 2017 at 4:23 am

      Thanks for the comment, Kathleen! I know, I feel another post coming on considering all of the fun updates we’re getting these days *eye roll*

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