Weekend Warrior Review: Diner En Blanc, Apothic Wine and the Macaroni & Cheese Festival

Mac N Cheese Fest

Weekends in San Diego are made for craft beer, food and SECRETS (apparently). From the overwhelming amount of food and beer festivals, to speakeasys and mysterious weekend events, it’s no surprise that Diner en Blanc and the Macaroni and Cheese Festival are two annual fall events you can’t miss. 

The Mac ‘N’ Cheese Fest offered up a multitude of local craft beer and mac ‘n’ cheese samples from participating restaurants at Little Italy’s glorious waterfront park. We arrived right after the event started and the entry line was already around the block. I mean, bitches love mac. 

After arriving, I quickly found out that getting to the fest on time was a smart decision. Lines for samples grew long and I grew (extremely) full. 

Macaroni and Cheese Fest

Before rolling myself out of the festival (literally), I voted for Urge as the macaroni queen! They didn’t take home the crown (that went to Stacked and Starlite), but those were some dang good noodles. 

San Diego Craft Beer


Another essential San Diego event is Diner en Blanc, the world’s largest global pop-up dinner party, partnered with Apothic

Apothic Red

I enjoyed a lovely preview of Apothic at Brooklyn Girl Eatery. Crisp whites and rich, silky reds (like Apothic Crush and Dark) were paired perfectly with Brooklyn Girl’s gastropub faves. 

Cheese Plate

Brooklyn Girl Eatery

After getting a little taste of Apothic, it was time for the mystery of the year to be revealed! The event’s surprise location was discovered to be right on the sand in Imperial Beach. Guests wore fantastic white ensembles, brought elaborate table and dining setups, and danced the night away on the warm shores. Cheers to a night under the stars! 

Diner en Blanc

Photo from Eder Photo

Photo from Eder Photo

Photo from Eder Photo

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