Welcome to the Neighborhood: RakiRaki Ramen and Pokirrito

RakiRaki Ramen Pokirrito

If I wasn’t already obsessed with living in Little Italy, the obsession just got a lot more intense with the addition of RakiRaki Ramen and Pokirrito! After expanding their Convoy spot to San Diego’s hottest neighborhood, RakiRaki serves up their famous mouth-watering ramen right on India Street and, now, delicious poke at neighboring Pokirrito. Read on for an inside look at this kickass new spot!

Frozen Beer

Let’s be real. The only way to start any meal is with a cold, alcoholic beverage. In this case, that meant frozen Sapporo! The frozen beer melted throughout the meal, so that meant every sip was chilled to perfection.

RakiRaki Ramen

Of course, washing down a cold beer with craft teas never hurt anyone. After trying Youth Blossom, Raspberry Lime and Peach Chamomile, I have to say I might sell my soul for an endless supply of Raspberry Lime. Just saying.

Chicken Karaange

Anytime something involves the words “fried” and “chicken”, I’m sold. Enter the Chicken Karaage: marinated chicken, deep-fried until crispy and served with ponzu dipping sauce. Start your meal with this app and you’ll be set for success.

RakiRaki Ramen

My time at RakiRaki really got rocked with the addition of the vegetarian ramen. Now I have to say, I’m a meat lover through and through and usually wouldn’t venture over to the veggie side. However, my food-loving gal pal (who joined me on this venture) convinced me to veg it up, and I couldn’t have been happier.

The ramen was rich, flavorful and so hearty that you would never realize the meat took a backseat. That, my friends, is a win.

RakiRaki Sushi Rolls

Some of my other RakiRaki faves were the RakiRaki Roll (because, duh), Ultimate Poke Roll and Veggie Tofu Gyoza. There’s literally no such thing as too much fresh sushi or crispy gyoza, and these dishes showed me that heaven is, indeed, real.

Pokirrito Poke Bowl

And heaven might be a place on earth in the form of a poke bowl. After we headed over to the Pokirrito side of this split hot spot, no fish was safe. I loaded up my bowl with nearly every type of fish and topping and tried just about every sauce on the side. I have to say, Pokirrito’s poke bowls fill a hole that the Little Italy neighborhood (and my mouth) was clearly missing.

Sushi Burrito

For the last course, I crawled over the finish line to get a little taste of the Maui Sunrise, a sushi burrito (hi, two favorite things combined) filled with chicken karaage, fried ginger, butter lettuce, ginger avocado, kale, red bell pepper, lotus chips, shiso tempura flakes and sweet chili soy sauce. Now, I’m no stranger to a sushi burrito, but Pokirrito knows a thing or two about intense flavor with this lethal combination.

After all was said and done (and digested), my two top dishes were definitely the ramen and poke bowl. I know, predictable, but you really can’t go wrong with these staples. Chef Junya’s distinct style comes through in every slurp of ramen, and the flavor combination in every poke bowl is out of this world.

All in all, RakiRaki Ramen and Pokirrito knock it out of the park with their explosive dishes, extremely attentive service, unique beverages, fresh fish and fun environment. Little Italy is clearly the right neighborhood for a second location (I’m only a little biased), and RakiRaki/Pokirrito bring a flavor that already has the neighborhood talking.

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