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The Winehouse Experience Slays The Music Box

The Music Box San Diego

As a Little Italy resident, I get a nice little taste of what’s new and trending in San Diego. Luckily for me, the Music Box is semi-new to the neighborhood, and I finally got the chance to take this live music venue for a test drive. Cue The Winehouse Experience, apps and some craft brews (ok, one PBR too). 

I’ve been obsessed with Amy Winehouse ever since I used her Back to Black album as therapy during a breakup in high school where the boy I was madly in love with cheated on me with his baby mama (long story). So of course seeing The Winehouse Experience was high on my priority list. 

I started the night by getting a quick grasp on my surroundings. The Music Box is three stories – the first floor for standing, the second for booths and parties and the third for a balcony view, complete with fireplaces, couches and booths. So cozy. 

After le tour, we got our priorities straight and grabbed a few beers (Cali’ Creamin’ of course) and garlic fries. 

Amy Winehouse Experience

The Music Box

I’m always a fan of a venue that serves food during the show (shocker) and was almost as impressed with the food as I was with the staff who somehow manage to find the people who ordered it in the massive crowd. Skills. 

Music Box San Diego

After we demolished the garlic fries, I headed up to the top floor for a bird’s eye view at the show. The live band kicked things off with some of that trademark smooth jazz, out walked Amy and the crowd erupted. 

The next two hours were filled with the hits, including my favorite breakup songs “Tears Dry On Their Own” and “Love is a Losing Game”. Ugh. What I wouldn’t give to rewind to high school, blast that album and weep onto my steering wheel. 

Amy Winehouse Experience San Diego

Amy also threw in an outfit change and had a thick English accent. The only elements missing were a late arrival and some drunk antics, both of which I was okay with. I mean, I had work the next morning, ya know?

After spending some time shaking our groove thing on the ground floor, we ascended back to the top to catch the end of the show, grab another drink (a classy PBR for me and less classy wine for my gal pal) and plop our old selves down on a cute bench by the fire. This, my friends, is living. 

Music Box San Diego Drinks

It was time to bounce after a few encores, and I felt content with my jazzy, nostalgia filled, beer guzzling night. You can catch me at the Music Box for a future private event celebration (my half birthday, perhaps), and check out their upcoming shows

I’ll be back quicker than you can say “rehab”. 

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